LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It is a very efficient tool which is created by LinkedIn for people who are in sales, business fields and are looking to connect and find potential clients or investors.

This tool provides search features in such a way that it enables an individual to locate potential prospects according to the particular conditions that we provide, for instance, based on the field of business, type of industry that they are in, geographical location, job titles, etc.

In simple words we can say that by using these advanced search filters, we can find the relevant leads based on the specific criterias that we provide. There are many features too.

With this tool, we can,

1. We can find the right people, and companies faster.

2. Keep track of the leads that we find and changes in the company.

3. Engage with potential leads.

Home Page of Sales Navigator

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Features of Sales Navigator:

  1. Advanced Search: Sales Navigator allows users to conduct advanced searches for leads and accounts using a range of filters, including industry, job title, location, company size, and more.
  2. Lead Recommendations: Sales Navigator provides personalized/customized recommendations for leads based on the user's search history and saved leads.
  3. Account Recommendations: Sales Navigator also provides recommendations for accounts based on the user's saved leads and search history.
  4. Sales Insights/alerts: Sales Navigator offers insights on leads and accounts, such as recent job changes, company news, and potential buying signals.
  5. InMail: Sales Navigator users can send direct messages to potential customers, even if they are not connected on LinkedIn.
  6. Team Link: Team Link allows users to leverage their colleagues' networks to find potential customers and leads.
  7. Custom Lists: Sales Navigator allows users to create and save custom lists of leads and accounts for easy access and organization.
  8. CRM Integration: Sales Navigator can integrate with a range of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, allowing users to easily import and manage their leads and accounts.

Now let's take a deep dive into various filters and options that we can use in Sales Navigator.

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  1. Search: As the name suggests, We can search for potential leads or accounts by simply entering their name in the search box. 
  2. Accounts: When you click on the accounts tab from the menu, it will take you to the list of accounts that you have searched and saved in the past.
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  1. Leads: When the Leads option is clicked, it takes you to a page that consists of all the leads that you have saved in the past, it will also automatically include a list that consists of the recently added connections in your LinkedIn and their InMails too.
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Messaging: It takes you to the inbox of your Sales Navigator, this is also called as InMails.

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  1. Lead Filters: You can use various lead filters such as Company Headcount, Company type, Function of the role, job title, Seniority level, etc. to search for leads in a much faster and efficient way. In simple words, it's just like searching for people in your field but with more filters and keywords.
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Lead filters after putting in the requirements you want,

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  1. Account Filters: In this section, you can use various filter options such as annual revenue, Company Headcount, Headquarter location, Industry, Technologies used, Number of followers on LinkedIn, etc. In simple words, it is just like searching for potential companies that suit your job requirements.
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Account filters after entering the requirements you want,

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  1. There is also an alerts/insights section which consists of the changes or updates from the account or leads that you have saved so far
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Pro’s and Con’s of getting Sales Navigator Tool:


  • Advanced search capabilities.
  • Lead and Account recommendations.
  • Various Filter options.
  • Sales insights on various companies.


  • May require some time and effort to learn and navigate through various features provided.
  • Heavy dependency on LinkedIn to generate accounts and lead .
  • Cost can certainly be a constraint when it comes to Small businesses. 

Pricing Plans:

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There are three plans,

  1. Sales Navigator Core (professional): 

99$/Month, 959$/year(billed 79$ per month)

  1. Sales Navigator Advanced (team): 

149$/month , 1300$/year (billed 108$ per month)

  1. Sales Navigator Advanced Plus (enterprise): 

1600$/year approx.

** There is no fixed price for Sales Navigator Enterprise**

The price depends on your needs and you will have a custom Account Manager to discuss this with you


The Sales Navigator Core plan offers valuable features for finding leads and accounts. Additional features like smartlinks, teamlinks, and increased InMail Messaging limit are available in the Advanced plan. Consider your requirements and the advantages, disadvantages, and factors before deciding. It's important to not solely rely on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and explore opportunities outside the platform for a broader reach. 


Written By - Eesha Smitha Ravella

Reviewed by - Sumit