STEP 1: Open the TWEETPIK On browser and register on free account.

STEP 2 : The homepage of TWEETPIK will be generated and place the URL of the Tweet That needs to deliver the screenshot.

  • The Other option is to choose URL FOR MULTIPLE TWEETS for more twitter tweet screenshots.
  • The limit is 10 URL Links in Multiple Tweets.

STEP 3 : Click on generate screenshot to generate the screenshot of the URL Link Copied.

STEP 4: Select the screenshot of the Twitter tweet and select the design.

  • For multiple URL screenshots, there is option to choose the screenshots and select the design.

STEP 5: Select the design & pattern according to the requirement and generate according to the format and download the Screenshot of the Twitter Tweet.

STEP 6 : Post the screenshot on any social media like Instagram, LinkedIn according to required field as Story, Post Etc. 

The Pro membership unlocks extra features such as:

  • Making movie out of your tweet screenshots
  • Threads on Twitter
  • Getting rid of the watermark
  • Custom logos and backdrop images
  • All of the Pro measurements
  • 1000 API requests per month
  • Priority help is available around the clock.



There are ways that Twitter may indirectly assist LinkedIn through tweets, even though the two social media networks are separate and serve different goals. 

Several ways Twitter may assist LinkedIn are listed below:

Networking and Personal Branding:

  •  Twitter gives professionals a platform to develop their personal brands, provide insights about their industries, and interact with a larger audience. 
  • Professionals may exhibit their knowledge and engage with like-minded people by building a strong presence on Twitter. These connections may also be made on LinkedIn, where people can develop their professional networks and look for job prospects.

Content Promotion: 

  • Twitter provides a quick-paced, in-the-moment platform for exchanging material. Professionals may use this platform to market their blog entries, LinkedIn articles, or other useful information. 
  • Professionals may enhance traffic to their LinkedIn profiles and their visibility within pertinent industry networks by tweeting about the material on their LinkedIn sites.

Engagement across platforms

  • Professionals who use both LinkedIn and Twitter might utilize one network to boost their visibility on the other. 
  • Professionals may encourage their connections to follow them on both platforms by cross-promoting their Twitter account on LinkedIn and vice versa. Increased exposure, a broader audience, and a more robust professional network result from this.

Job Search & Opportunities

  • Twitter is frequently utilized as a medium for job listings and employment prospects. 
  • Professionals may find job vacancies and keep up with the newest employment prospects by following industry influencers, hashtags, and corporate accounts on Twitter. 
  • When they locate a position that suits them, they may use their LinkedIn accounts to apply, present their credentials, and make connections with hiring managers.


  • Although the fundamental functions of Twitter and LinkedIn are distinct, professionals may use Twitter's networking, content promotion, thought leadership, and job search features to improve their visibility and engagement on LinkedIn. 
  • By effectively using both platforms, professionals may make connections between their activity on Twitter and LinkedIn, increasing their exposure, fostering professional development, and expanding their network.


  • Tweet Pik has been an asset for fast expanding my online profile, particularly on Instagram,LinkedIn.
  • No tool will help you build your following if you do not have something worth talking. However, if you are intelligent and can provide a unique viewpoint on a topic that people care about, Tweet Pik can assist you in taking your growth to the next level.



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