Props Drilling

Different File Formats - Single and Multiple Files

Props Drilling can be done not in just one file but they can be used in both singular file format and multiple file formats. Here we can see examples of both one and multiple file formats which include props drilling.

Single File:

Advantages of One/Single File Format:

  1. Clarity: Writing aids Drilling code in a single file can be simpler, especially for quick prototypes or small projects. It makes managing multiple files less difficult.
  2. Rapid Development: Since there is no need to switch between different files or worry about importing/exporting components, having all the code in one file can speed up development in the early stages.
  3. Easier Debugging: Because the code is contained in one file, it may be simpler to find and fix problems because everything is nearby.

Disadvantages of One/Single File Format:

  1. Code Maintenance: As the project expands, it can be difficult to manage a single large file. The code may grow more challenging to read and comprehend, making it less maintainable.
  2. Collaboration: When everything is contained in a single file, working with several developers on the same codebase is more challenging. Conflicts and problems arising from combining modifications made by various team members are more likely to occur.
  3. Reusability: When everything is closely tied in one file, it could be more difficult to reuse components or logic in other areas of the program or in separate projects.


Source code:

Now use the command “npm start”  in the terminal to run this code on the local server.


Multiple Files:

Advantages of Multiple Files:

  1. Code Organization: When we divide the code into multiple files it promotes modularity and more optimized code organization. Each file will be able to focus on a particular component or functionality, which makes it easier to understand and maintain the codes and files.
  2. Reusability: This modularity of code will enable the files to be imported easily and make it mobile enough to be used in different parts of the application or in various other projects, which improves the reusability of code.
  3. Collaboration: With these multiple files, multiple developers will be able to manage the code efficiently as the code has been split into multiple and separate files. Developers will be able to work on various and different components and will be able to work simultaneously without interfering with each other.

Disadvantages of Multiple Files:

  1. Setup Complexity: Due to these multiple files approach, managing imports and exports will show some initial complexity when compared to a single file approach.
  2. Learning Curve: For new developers who are still learning, understanding and working with various modules and multiple files will be difficult as it requires familiarity with files and systems. Working with multiple files may require some familiarity with file structure and module systems. It might take some time for them to understand.
  3. File Navigation: When working with many files, it may take additional effort to navigate between them. Which is time consuming when there are a high number of files.


Source code:

Use npm start to run the code on the local server.


Here is the GitHub link Click Here


Irrespective of usage of using one or multiple files, the need and advantage of both varies depending upon the situation and familiarity of the user. So, both the files have their pros and cons and both are equally important.



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Article By, Dinesh Sai Kumar Pilla

Reviewed By, Meghana Prabhandham