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Since the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence, Open AI has launched the first AI  powered chatbot named as the ChatGPT. ChatGPT has gained a large popularity in  the overall internet community. It is an effective AI tool which can assist the human  functions. Due to all around performance students as well as professionals are  turning increasingly to use it. 


Now a days impact of the technology is continuosly growing in the sector of the  education by helping the students to learn and grow. Chatbots is the technology  that is rapidly gaining its popularity among the students. And most innovative  chatbot that is available to the students now is the ChatGPT

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer. It is an AI driven  tool which is trained for giving the output as per the request received from the user.  Chat GPT, is a highly developed AI tool that can offer nearly unlimited and all encompassing service and information about any issue as needed. 

Chat GPT has been pre-programmed to mimic a human conversation, it is a very  powerful and versatile tool that can carry out a wide variety of tasks, including  writing emails, messages, stories, researched essays, music creation, chatting with a person, paraphrasing, computer coding and decoding, software programming, and  much more. 

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The above is a sample example of how the ChatGPT works and interacts with us. The user enters the required thing and ChatGPT will immediately give us the our  required information. 

In various ways ChatGPT can be used in the field of the education. Students can  use ChatGPT for various purposes and learn many things, some of them include: 

1] Research: 

ChatGPT is incredibly intelligent and well-equipped. ChatGPT is trained with  various resources on the internet and all those sources are available on its  database. 

Students can therefore use ChatGPT as a source similar to Wikipedia. Although it  can be a terrific approach to gain broad knowledge but it can be a starting point. 

2] Help for the assignments: 

Students who need assistance with their homework or assignments will benefit  greatly from ChatGPT. Students can ask questions or present challenges and  quickly get answers for their required questions.

3] 24/7 Access for support to students: 

The fact that ChatGPT is available at all times continuously to offer support and  direction to students is one of its primary benefits. ChatGPT can be reached if  students need assistance with a challenging task or just have a quick query any  time round the clock. 

4] Summarizing long articles and essays: 

Students are unable to thoroughly understand concepts, essays, and articles by  delving deeply into them. Some sources are simply too long to read students  frequently struggle to achieve, Chat GPT might be useful in giving you a broad  overview of an essay or article. 

Students may use Chat GPT to summarize articles, research papers, and even  essays so that you get a quick summary. Therefore, Chat GPT can help you if you  need to quickly prepare some notes for a presentation or if you need to construct an  essay or research piece on them. 

For example:  

In the above example, ChatGPT has summarized the essay about the ChatGPT  itself where students can easily understand about it briefly if it’s the deadline to  presentation.


∙ ChatGPT can respond to queries of students instantly. 

∙ It can be accessible by students round the clock. 

∙ It can provide resources, guidance, and study materials that are specifically  tailored to a student's learning preferences. 

∙ It can also help students in enhancing their skills. 


∙ Use of ChatGPT lacks human communications, which results in lack of emotions  among the students. 

∙ Sometimes it may also give inaccurate answers which mislead the students.

∙ Depending on the ChatGPT, reduces the thinking capability and the problem  solving skills of the students. 

∙ Some data privacy issues may also occur using of ChatGPT, which is also very  important to prioritize and maintain the security.


ChatGPT is unquestionably a revolution in the world of AI-powered technology and  has many benefits for students. However, when it comes to school students,  ChatGPT use should be restricted and ideally watched over. Because it has a highly  addictive power, it is advised that college students and research scholars use it  selectively and carefully. 

Although ChatGPT and other AI technologies may appear to be an ideal solution for  the fast-paced academic world, there are limitations in the chatbot that require  careful implementation. It shouldn't be used as a substitute for the student's own  work which is necessary to ensure meaningful learning. The most effective use of  ChatGPT is when it serves as a supplement to student’s academic work rather than  a replacement for the extensive study time students are supposed to put to your  studies. 

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By Manchi Sai Chandra

Shiva Kumar